Created in Berlin at the end of 2013, GLITCH is a unusual, unexpected, and unreal party in the Berlin music/event scene.  As venues have become more homogenous and safe in the “house” of programming electronic artists, the sub genres and cultures that give the city its sexy and dangerous sheen have been displaced.  In the same way that gentrification changes the facades of storefronts and neighborhoods, it also changes the sounds of a city.   Still teeming with rebellion, freedom, and chaos, Berlin is the birthplace and home base for GLITCH. If experimental and non “four to the floor” electronic music is to remain vital and impacting, then Berlin is the nexus for such like-minded creators to collaborate, experiment, and perform. 
In conjunction with the live events, GLITCH MUSIC is also an artist-run label for releasing the works of REVERSE BULLETSKLAAS VON KARLOS, RJ THYME, NAKED SWEATSHOP, KLAAS VON KARLOS & EMEMEDIVAN ROUGE, & MUNSHA
All artist releases are available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, and all Digital Music Outlets

Select Physical Releases available at Cooperating Independent Music Stores - 
Vintage Vinyl (St.Louis, USA) and Music Heaven (Berlin, German). 
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